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Additional Services

Tended Buffet Style

If you choose to have the buffet line tended, this entails making sure the line stays clean, stocked and someone is available to answer any questions your guests may ask. We can also provide a slicing station with heat lamps.

Set Up and Clean Up

When these services are added they include busing of tables during the food service time. Or if you prefer, you can choose to have just setup service and no busing and clean up. The Portley Pig works closely with the Venue to meet their expectation of the cleanup and of course with your wedding planner for the setup.

Bartenders and Drinks

We provide bartenders with years of experience and from some of most prominent restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. We charge by the hour for our bartenders. We can provide junction boxes for Beer taps, up to three taps in one box. You provide all alcoholic beverages and the Portley Pig will set up the bar. We’ll even bring the ice.


We can meet you almost anywhere! We are up for a road trip to your gathering though a travel fee is involved when the mileage is over 35 miles from Seattle.